Splendora Villas

With total area of 24,92 hectares, occupying up to 73,1% of land area for low-rise housing, villas in Splendora designed by French architects, wearing a special style, can be compared with famous villas in major cities worldwide. Splendora proudly presents the masterpiece of living that makes Vietnamese proud. Villa housing has low building density. Villa plots range from 290m2 - 400m2 in size with average number of floor is 3, giving many spaces for green area and public services. Conjugate garden system and separate space for each area, triple security system together with other facilities create a safe and friendly urban area. Modern French design in each type of villa creates various luxurious styles. Enjoy a future life full of joy and happiness at villas of Splendora. Live and feel the living space that combines the traditional and modern values. Splendora – Your dream, your home.

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